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Redcon 1

Redcon 1

Redcon 1 A virus that turned people to zombies across Britain has been spreading. The virus was spread through the South London prison. A British-American joint special forces team is sent to the quarantine zone to save Dr. Julian Raynes. Raynes is a scientist who has the ability to treat the disease. The doctor is located at four different locations. The crew consisting of Captain Stanton and Lieutenant Perez, Paige and Rodrigo together with a few others, head to the first spot via an assault craft floating in the river. The zombies they meet differ from the typical zombies. They are smart and are able to use weapons and hand-to-hand combat. They escape from the initial location however, they are surrounded by zombies.

They are confronted by zombies in the flats. They are able to bring them up to the top of the building. However, disaster strikes quickly when Jacob who is the biggest player in the team, is attacked while fighting. Jacob takes his own life by shooting a gun in order to keep himself from being zombified. They discover vehicles packed with zombie-like soldiers who are hiding in rubble. Private Bernstein is transported to the truck, and then taken by the group. The signal for tracking from Bernstein permits them to follow the vehicles and locate an army of zombies equipped with CBRN hazardous suits. The missing soldier is located in a container , along with two other civilians and Dr. Raynes.

After rescuing everyone in the container, they come across the zombies. The firefight escalates to the point where a lot of survivors die due to the zombies. Raynes is interrogated when they are able to escape. Major General Smith who is the commander of the team, speaks about the outbreak with his staff. It is discovered that Raynes is afflicted along with his son. They’re also conducting tests on other zombies. Paige is her lover Rodrigo is sheltered in a bunker, and confesses that she contracted the virus through the blood of a previous fight. He kisses her with passion even though he is aware that the same fate just like she. The group leaves and head out into the countryside. They find out that Alicia is the only survivor, might be immune to the illness.

Stanton, Bernstein and Perez arrive at the point of pickup Perez, Bernstein and Stanton arrive at the pick-up point. Smith informs them that he was forced to murder his son, and there is no way to get him back. Smith was furious at Raynes and demanded revenge. Smith shoots Raynes and then returns to the helicopter. There is a firefight between security guards and the survivors. Perez is wounded, and Smith discloses that Bernstein was blackmailed to gather information by Smith. It is because his parents are being taken as hostages. Perez is left behind to battle the horde, but is defeated by fellow prisoners and is eaten. Stanton as well as Alicia are captured by the prison band. It is revealed that Alicia was the daughter of Jimmy who was who was the leader of the rebels. Jimmy died just a few minutes after his escape earlier in the film. Jimmy was shown to have a sporadic immunity against the virus. Stanton inspects Alicia’s bite and finds marks from bites in the past. Based on the conversation and journal, he realizes that Jimmy was not completely immune, and that Alicia is totally immune. Stanton decides to attempt to get into the zone of freedom and make an alliance with a group of with armed survivors who are near the border. They meet with the survivors, who are able to identify Private Bernstein. Stanton informs the survivors of the plan of the military to bomb the zone of quarantine. The survivors are willing to help with the crossing of the frontier. Redcon 1 HD

They are accompanied at the border by a huge group of zombies and the prison gang that offered to assist them. Smith is at the border, and commands his men to take out all. But, a battle takes place between Smith and Stanton who becomes zombified, and eventually beats the General. Stanton is rewarded with a mercy kill by Bernstein and Alicia is removed from the quarantine zone.